Ernest McCutcheon

Born in 1959, he is an independent Consultant for Spatial Data Applications

After studying economics at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA, he came to Germany in 1981 where he completed post-graduate studies at Düsseldorf University.

In 1982 he took on an employment with the Kaypro Computervertriebs-GmbH soon becoming sales manager. After changing to the later DAT Informationssysteme AG in the year 1986, Ernest McCutcheon was head of the Marketing and International Sales before he became the Head of the Technical Applications Division in 1990. As the German distributor of the GIS Software MapInfo, DAT was one of the pioneers in the Business GIS sector. In 1993 he founded Desktop Data Services which is today, after a joint venture with the PTV AG, the DDS Digital Data Services GmbH one of the leading providers of data and software for desktop mapping applications.

Furthermore, Ernest McCutcheon was a member of the management board of MAP&GUIDE GmbH from January 2001 to 2007. Today with over 30 years of experience in the GI and Spatial Data fields, he is a well-known expert.

From 1.1.2021 Mr. McCutcheon is active as a Consultant for use of spatial data in business applications.

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