A neutral platform for projects

Virtual companies or communities are temporary partnerships. Modern enterprises open up potential by bundling project-specific core competencies. The Internet considerably contributes to the global expansion of these new communities (Geo Communities).

In a flexible form and based on the interests of the partners InGeoForum offers a neutral platform for a protected exchange of project ideas and project support and monitoring through to a marketable solution. InGeoForum members and external partners will contribute the required strengths and the necessary expertise to the project implementation.

Data Harmonisation Panel (DHP)

The Data Harmonisation Panel, a new InGeoForum project, was established in late 2011. The Panel is following the goal to support the harmonization and integration of geodata and is based on the results of the European project HUMBOLDT, mainly the open source software framework with tools and services for the harmonization of geodata and the related training services. The Data Harmonisation Panel offers on one side an international communication forum and supports the further development, dissemination and exploitation of the HUMBOLDT framework on the other side. As project within the InGeoForum the Panel and the In GeoForum will work closely together and support each other in their activities.

Further Information:

Upon request you can get further information about projects and project interests from the InGeoForum management board.

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